A little Colorado !

DRGW, SP, UP Craig Branch

January 2010

I took quite a few pictures in Colorado when I lived there.  They are not here!  The pictures that follow are from a  Saturday that I spent on the Western slope hosted by Paul Birkholz,  author of the Mountain West Rail web page and one other trip to the Craig Branch.


Rock Creek Canyon between Crater and Volcano on the Craig Branch.  This may be my favorite train photo

An empty westbound coal train negotiating the Crater loops
just south of Crater siding.  The Colorado River valley is in the
The same train completing the third leg of the loop
Loaded Coal train headed down toward Bond
Another loaded coal train at Crater
Same headed into the loops


The coal train seen above rolling eastbound through Radium, CO.  This is a quirky picture, but I like it.