Needles to Cadiz

Created 9 May 1999, Updated 7 Jaunary 2007
West from Needles, the BNSF climbs out from its crossing of the Colorado River at Topock to a summit at Goffs.  From there it is downhill to Essex and Cadiz.  These pictures represent the best of  trips to the area in 1996, 1997 1998  1999 and 2003

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This is the view from the Best Western Colorado River Inn in Needles.  It's not a bad location to use as a base for your desert explorations.
At Ibis, the uphill track swings out to the East to gain elevation.
atsf681ibis.jpg (104763 bytes) Arrowhead Junction is the place where Highway 95 to Las Vegas crosses the BNSF as well as a much photographed location suncontainers.jpg (97696 bytes) BNSF776Ibis.jpg (101359 bytes)
BNSF8245Ibis.jpg (76354 bytes) on the right, Santa Fe 867 climbs up the wash from Needles
BNSF 5324 leads a westbound up out of Needles.  In this sequence, we see the track splitting at IBIS.  In the third picture, the helpers push up and around the big loop.


In September 1999, Union Pacific was doing lots of work on their Los Angeles to El Paso line.  As a result, priority trains were detoured over BNSF.  This is an eastbound we caught at Goffs and followed into Needles.  It appears that BNSF insisted on ample power.
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Goffs is, well, Goffs.  My wife has pointed out that we will not ever live there.  The rail action is great, but the amenities and entertainment opportunities are a bit sparse. 
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While not as dramatic as the climb out of Needles, eastbound trains face a tough climb from Cadiz and Essex up to Goffs atsf3815essex.jpg (150333 bytes) This picture is from one of the few overpasses found between Barstow and Needles.  It is just off the National Trails Highway (old route 66)
Just east of Cadiz
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