Canyon Diablo

Between Winslow, Arizona and Flagstaff the terrain changes from flat and treeless to the Arizona Divide's section of world's largest Ponderosa Pine Forest.  A Westbound crew leaving Winslow sees the mountains around Flagstaff almost from departure.  Before they get there, however, they must cross a deep canyon which cuts through the barren plain.  Canyon Diablo and its famous bridge are a bit hard to get to, but worth the effort.  Below is the result of the two trips I have made out there.


My latest trip was in the company of my younger son, Jeremy, who is responsible for this picture and some of the better train and wildlife photos below.

Wildlife is not easy to see, but a pleasant surprise when you come across it.  Just after dawn, Jeremy and I heard screaming from down in the canyon.  It turned out to be a pair of large Wildcats who spent several hours roaming around their den before disappearing.

Also visible around dawn what a large collection of vultures who appear to regard Amtrak with the same level of boredom common among railfans.


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