West of Flagstaff


  I have seen most of the "hot" rail fanning sites in the West.  This part of Arizona has got to be one of

 the best.  Lots of hot trains, great scenery,  beautiful locomotives and  good access.


"Heaven on the Santa Fe"

I recently worked with Burlington Northern Santa Fe on a project to improve public and private emergency response to spills in the Deschutes River Canyon in Oregon (Gateway Sub).  At one of the early organizing meetings I had a chance to chat with one of the BNSF representatives who had come from the Santa Fe.  We were talking about the old Santa Fe transcon main and discovered that we both thought that the area around Flagstaff was about as great as it gets.  He described the area as "Heaven on the Santa Fe".  Thanks Ed, the name fits.





 24 Sept 2004  
Bellemont at sunset during a smoky summer day in 2000 sBelmontsunset2.jpg (64488 bytes) sBelmontsunset.jpg (64095 bytes)
  Bellemont, June 2003.  New signals replace the great old signal bridges.




nATSF221Maine.jpg (130314 bytes) Maine is between Bellemont and Williams Junction. ATSF6893AZ.jpg (136228 bytes)
atsf5033maine.jpg (79959 bytes) BNSF967Maine.jpg (93742 bytes)
atsf3842maine.jpg (76766 bytes)
atsf3842bmaine.jpg (86310 bytes)
    atsff45maine.jpg (65462 bytes)  

It is hard to shoot bad pictures here

atsf658williamsjct.jpg (49950 bytes)   ATSF940williams.jpg (108272 bytes) williamsmeet.jpg (47013 bytes)
atsf663williamsjct.jpg (51505 bytes)   atsf710williamsjct.jpg (76716 bytes)
East Williams Jct. A couple of miles east of east Williams Jct. in the late afternoon
the telephone pole made a nice sun shield to allow shooting almost into the sun

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