The Pacific Northwest Collection              Part I

Beyond the Columbia Gorge, I have not put a lot of time into taking pictures in the area where I live.  That is because my love for the sun and warm weather has recently taken precedence over my desire to stand beside a cold rainy railroad track.  That makes me a bit of a wimp, but a warm one.  The stuff below reflects the best of what I have taken here over the years.  There is more Pacific Northwest in Part II

In 1978, the Army sent me to Washington State to evaluate a new carrier to the TOW anti-tank guided missile.  Weekends provided a chance to take some BN shots around the state.

added: December 2001

Near Cashmere on Stevens Pass
East of Wenatchee  
right: BN detour over the Milwaukee Road
In late 1999, I made a run over to eastern Oregon to take some shots for CTC board's Day in North America.  As it happened, I came home early, but here are 4 of the shots I got the day before the Day in North America. durkee.jpg (108143 bytes) BakerValley.jpg (103396 bytes)
AM - Durkee, Oregon EB - Baker Valley
Burnt1.jpg (143334 bytes) Burntcontainers.jpg (127369 bytes)
Burnt river canyon east of Baker City
In 1970, I caught this crew change in Huntington, Oregon.  The train has just entered Oregon after crossing the Snake River from Idaho.

 Many years later, this light move on the far right is headed back to Idaho from Huntington

sUP6907Huntington.jpg (97601 bytes) sUP9338Huntington.jpg (131025 bytes)
Centennial 6907 has just left Huntington, Oregon and is headed up the Burnt River canyon.  For more Oregon Pictures take a look at the Columbia Gorge Gallery sUP6907BurntRiver.jpg (158189 bytes)
Telocaset Summit on Union Pacific's Eastern Oregon main line between La Grande and Baker City sUp9546Telocaset.jpg (101185 bytes) sUp9289Telocaset.jpg (110547 bytes)
Kamela is the summit of the UP's crossing of Oregon's Blue Mountains.  Westbound UP 9385 is just finishing the climb up from La Grand.  The Next stop is UP's Hinkle Yard.  Aug 98 This UP manifest has just entered Oregon having crossed the Snake River on the bridge in the background.  Huntington and the Burnt River gorge are just ahead.  Ten more minutes and the shadows would have made this shot impossible.
Headed south at Oregon City just above Willamette Falls
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