The Pacific Northwest Collection   Part II

Beyond the Columbia Gorge, I have not put a lot of time into taking pictures in the area where I live.  That is because my love for the sun and warm weather has recently taken precedence over my desire to stand beside a cold rainy railroad track.  That makes me a bit of a wimp, but a warm one.  The stuff below reflects the best of what I have taken here over the years.  See also Pacific Northwest Collection Part I

Willamette Pass
One of the great things about the internet is getting to know folks that you would not ordinarily meet.  Dan Sheets and Matt Robbins are the folks who bring us the great NorthWest Rails Website.   For the last several years I have been trying to get down Interstate 5 to Eugene to meet Dan and Matt for a tour of Willamette Pass, the famous Southern Pacific entry into Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

  Last weekend (11 Aug 2001) I finally made it.  I was too late for the famed SP multi helpered drags as UP has pretty much turned the place yellow.    I can't say I saw the whole place, but Dan and Matt gave me a pretty good start in planning for my next trip.  A few weeks later, I got back for a few shots around Cruzatte

Between Tunnels 6 and 7 a  UP drag and its helpers head south (SP west).  The helpers take have taken on a layer of grime worthy of the old SP.
A northbound leaving the siding at Cruzatte.
 Salt Creek Trestle.
    Emerging from a tunnel above Abernethy, previously clean 5702 and almost new 4410 have grown noticeably blacker
Just above (SP west) (UP south) (geographically east) Oakridge, OR
SP 8869 headed south (SP west) along the east shore of Klamath Lake.  1972 SP8869klamathlk.jpg (116789 bytes) BN2532 a former Burlington Unit heads into the Klamath Falls Yard

Between Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta.  A couple of car lengths to the left, out of the picture, is the Mott/Azalea crossover, 1972
In 1975 we went camping at Glacier National Park.  It was the last family camping trip, but a few good photos did result.  

 The SDP 40F was the last neat engine Amtrak ever owned

1975twomedicine.jpg (94937 bytes)

1975Fhelpers3.jpg (73439 bytes)
1975Amtrakmt.jpg (104805 bytes) One of the highlights of the visit was the matched set of Fs in the helper business 1975Fhelpers2 .jpg (134671 bytes)
1975uphill.jpg (113923 bytes) Glacer 2003, smoke and clouds


1975Fhelpers1.jpg (124742 bytes)
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