The Rio Grande Collection

In 1974, the Army assigned me to Fort Carson, Colorado.  During the two years I was there, I managed to get out and take a few pictures.  Another tour a few years later and a few trips back to Colorado produced a motley collection of Rio Grande Pictures.  As time passes, and the Rio Grande fades into history, pictures of the "Grande" seem more important.

Soldier Summit Collection


Near the other end of the DRGW, this WB set of tunnel motors is getting ready to cut in helpers at - Helper, Utah. DRGW5407helper.jpg (89192 bytes) DRGW3119salida.jpg (92881 bytes) Not far from Salida, Colorado along the Arkansas River 
A few years ago, I traveled with a friend over Tennessee Pass.  He was impressed by the ghost of the DRGW even as the grass grew up between the rails.  The pictures below represent better times on Tennessee Pass.
  tpass9.jpg (105918 bytes) tpass1.jpg (150606 bytes) tpass5.jpg (153858 bytes)
  tpass2.jpg (95603 bytes) tpass3.jpg (114659 bytes) tpass4.jpg (108334 bytes)
The seven photos above follow DRGW 3096 from Minturn to the beginning of its passage down the east side of the pass.  Check out those helpers! tpass8.jpg (132279 bytes)
Continuing east down the Arkansas River TennesseeRiver.jpg (94892 bytes) Tennessee2.jpg (132794 bytes)
tpass6.jpg (142057 bytes) tpass7.jpg (151496 bytes) DRGW 5329 was waiting on the other side of the summit tunnel.
In 1974, we came back to the US from Thailand.  We made a trip around the west and  caught some action on Soldier Summit.  We slept under the stars in a BLM campground after a person who will remain un-named didn't tie the tent poles on the car very well.
helper1.jpg (112969 bytes) helper2.jpg (82837 bytes) RGZ1.jpg (141611 bytes) The late Rio Gande Zephyr
RGZ2.jpg (125079 bytes)
These pictures are from a couple of trips to Soldier Summit, Utah after SP had absorbed the Rio Grande.
drgw5379.jpg (79958 bytes) drg5401.jpg (90056 bytes) drg5411.jpg (94897 bytes) drg5400.jpg (63289 bytes)
drgw5327cajon.jpg (113260 bytes) DRGW coal train on Cajon, early 1970's
DRGW3096sage76.jpg (112852 bytes) Sage, Colorado 1976 DRGW5317Moffat.jpg (108480 bytes) 1975 Moffat Tunnel entrance