Needles -  Kingman

This section covers the climb East from Needles and the Colorado River up to Kingman, AZ.  It is part of the BNSF Seligman Subdivision which runs all the way to Winslow, AZ

Needles to Kingman

The three pictures to the right are from just east of Needles.  Continue west on the Needles Sub
5mile4.jpg (116588 bytes) sBNSF54855mile.jpg (125341 bytes) 5 Mile road is just East (southeast) of Needles.  If you don't pay attention, you could get stuck.  AAA is not very helpful!
stopock4.jpg (132741 bytes)

West toward Needles

Santa Fe 856 is showing its years as it comes eastbound off the Colorado River Bridge.  ATSF 915 headed west is not much better 5topock856.jpg (118518 bytes) sATSF915bridge.jpg (125871 bytes)
sBNSF5456bridge.jpg (83444 bytes) BNSF776topock.jpg (117480 bytes)
sunrise.jpg (151395 bytes) atsf641topock.jpg (100162 bytes)
Needles.jpg (66891 bytes) BNtopock.jpg (99472 bytes)

Topock is where the BNSF crosses the Colorado River about 10 miles southeast of Needles.  I have tried several times to get that great shot we all look for.  As videos and photos usually seen of the place demonstrate, the place is harder to photograph than it looks.  The light is usually too hot, too bright and from the wrong direction.  The bridge dwarfs trains.  The center picture above shows how Needles got its name.

  AZBF4478-2.jpg (118073 bytes) Further east, BNSF 4478 is climbing toward Yucca and Kingman at dawn.
Milepost 544 is between Yucca and Franconia.  These trains are running east toward Kingman s3blueswasha.jpg (106631 bytes) BNSF4487haviland.jpg (117251 bytes)
sBNSF759wash.jpg (113529 bytes) Just east of Yucca, 8293 rolls a westbound at dusk  


  Kingman Canyon  

atsf5154kingman.jpg (60879 bytes)
  Normally, we associate Kingman with words like "hot", "clear", "desert".  It does, however, rain in the desert. These are some different Kingman canyon shots atsf7439kingman.jpg (52547 bytes)

If you found some of these pictures entertaining and useful. Please use them if you like. Respectfully request that you credit "Chuck Donaldson" as the photographer.

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