East of Flagstaff

  This page covers the area between Flagstaff and Winslow.


Cosnino is just East of Flagstaff.

  This December 97 photo shows that 1101 has either hit or been hit by some kind of light colored paint.  Check out the right front of the locomotive.


bnsf1101.jpg (85687 bytes)


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ATSF8259darling.jpg (108579 bytes)
BNSF4746Cosnino.jpg (126732 bytes) BNSF718darling.jpg (104738 bytes) nATSF246Darling.jpg (99120 bytes) 
ATSF728Darling.jpg (123359 bytes) BNSF729Cosnino.jpg (118894 bytes) atsf5817darling.jpg (65663 bytes)
atsf765darling.jpg (86627 bytes) Darlingsmoke.jpg (48332 bytes)

Canyon Diablo

 atsf646winslow.jpg (58316 bytes)

Winslow at Dawn winslowdawn.jpg (56238 bytes)

if you found some of these pictures entertaining and useful. Please use them if you like. Respectfully request that you credit "Chuck Donaldson" as the photographer.

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