The Western Pacific Collection

 The Valley  

These pictures from the early 70's show the WP before things turned Perlman Green.  The Fs could be seen in daily operation with Ford auto parts hauled from Stockton West to the Bay Area.

     The F units         Silver, Orange and Green units

921DNiles.jpg (148416 bytes) 921DNiles2.jpg (128516 bytes) Niles Canyon was how the WP got the last few miles into the San Francisco Bay Area 763Niles.jpg (116508 bytes)
On the west side of Altamont Pass, the WP crossed the SP and the highway on the high bridge shown here
Fsetaltamont2.jpg (136679 bytes) 3539Altamont.jpg (126517 bytes) The middle part of Altamont in the spring Fsetaltamont.jpg (153775 bytes)
Daily F runs between Stockton and the Bay on the east side of Altamont
921DStockton.jpg (85018 bytes) Eastbound entering the Stockton Yard 920Dwreck.jpg (88290 bytes) The results of an accident on the high line.