The Western Pacific Collection

 Silver, Orange and Green Units  

In the early 70's Western Pacific had lots of their Orange and Silver Units around.  Some of the new Perlman Green units had appeared and points east and north of Oroville had BN pool units gathered from the BN's contributing railroads.   The Feather River Canyon was a great places to hang out.

West of Oroville       The F units     SP&S Alcos


Fallen Flag Soup
After the merger with NP, GN, SP&S and Burlington, the Burlington Northern worked with the Western Pacific to try to capture some of Southern Pacific's Northwest to California traffic. What is now the BNSF Gateway Sub was a combination of Western Pacific and BN trackage going from Keddie in California's Feather River Canyon to Klamath Falls, Oregon known as the Inside Gateway.  Colorful sets of power were the rule on Highline trains
The unit below not an H1 repaint, it is a GN unit numbered for BN
  To the left and above, BN-WP Pool trains head up the Highline from Keddie.
Hustle Muscle was Great Northern's first SD 45.  In this shot, at Oroville, the new BN number has been applied HustleMuscle.jpg (99773 bytes) One of BN's former Alco 636s leads a highline train up the Feather River Canyon SPSAlcocnyn.jpg (185965 bytes)
UP on the old WP - 1970 WP757James.jpg (134085 bytes) James was a great place to catch WPs 4 axel units climbing out of California's central valley.
  KeddieYBNmix.jpg (168396 bytes) The Keddie Wye was a great place to hang out and watch the parade of multi-colored power.  
East of Quincy.  The all green set is crossing its train at Williams loop WPallgreenloop.jpg (136980 bytes) West portal of tunnel 35 at Spring Garden, WP3525tunnel.jpg (123238 bytes)