Cajon 2000 and beyond

In May of 2000, I returned to Cajon Pass for the first photo expedition in almost 25 years.  I was hosted by Don Winslow whose knowledge of the modern Cajon pass and its photo locations is unrivaled.  The frosting on the cake was most of one day with Al Bowen, the "mayor" of Cajon, so named for his knowledge of the pass and his willingness to share that knowledge with others.  Since then, I have made several trips back.

See The Flyover at Frost for pictures of one of Santa Fe's interesting and unusual Southern California locations. 

For a  look back at Cajon as it was, see Cajon in the 70's

Summit sATSF606summit.jpg (97381 bytes)
8202gardeny.jpg (107718 bytes) The reign of the Warbonnets in ATSF freight service was all too short.  The surrounding pictures capture some survivors in the Fall of 2000 and Spring 2001 sATSF606cajon.jpg (149589 bytes)
sATSF852bluecut.jpg (145116 bytes) sATSF626gdn.jpg (143935 bytes)
Some UP action
UPSPAMTRAKSummit2.jpg (78373 bytes)
UP9387Cajon.jpg (84451 bytes) sUP8157.jpg (104887 bytes) sUP518steinshill.jpg (101824 bytes)
cajonfog.jpg (42924 bytes) A very "un-Cajon" morning on Cajon summit. up6067cajon.jpg (52378 bytes)
Locals (Bowen, Winslow, etc.) call this area from where this photo and the others below were taken, the "gardens".  That name is not in the official guide, but it seems to fit in a desert sort of way.


2katsf623gardens.jpg (146908 bytes)
2katsf623gardens3.jpg (129073 bytes) 2katsf623gardens4.jpg (132399 bytes) 2kup6packgardens.jpg (137096 bytes)
2kgardens1.jpg (132012 bytes) 2kbnsfgardens.jpg (106336 bytes)
Stein's Hill
Sullivan's Curve The photo below  almost didn't happen.  An un-named host on this  trip just couldn't believe his friend with a scanner who heard this Z get authority for the wrong track.  In the face of scorn and doubt, the faithful photographer hung in to capture this very late afternoon picture.

29Z2.jpg (87797 bytes)
2kSP106acajon.jpg (149512 bytes) SP111Cajon.jpg (136678 bytes) Regular viewers of this page know that I have a real fondness for SP units.
2kSP106cajon.jpg (137798 bytes) SP8675connector.jpg (123961 bytes) SP292closeup.jpg (122383 bytes)
2kSP111summit.jpg (122704 bytes)


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