Cajon 2000-2003

The Flyover at Frost

For a look back at Cajon as it was, see Cajon in the 70's.  For current pictures of the more westerly portions of Cajon see Cajon 2000 

The Mojave Narrows

xcvictorville50.jpg (144761 bytes) Most pictures I have seen of the flyover seem have been taken at noon.  I tried to avoid doing that xcvictorville60.jpg (158955 bytes)
xcvictorville80.jpg (105839 bytes) xcvictorville90.jpg (123138 bytes) xcvictorville10.jpg (125281 bytes)
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xcvictorville70.jpg (78887 bytes) SP fans, hang in there!

  SP still lives.


xcvictorville30.jpg (126846 bytes)
the picture at the right is really at Oro Grande, but I like it anyway. 2kBNSF4795vville.jpg (99659 bytes)


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